Travel Guide to Enjoy Dieng Plateau : A Land Above the Clouds

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dieng plateau

Indonesia Travel Guide – The land of Java is home to diverse natural attractions. Let’s mention white sand beaches in Yogyakarta, spectacular Mount Bromo in East Java, and the unforgettable Tangkuban Perahu in West Java. Apart from those, there is another travel destination that is worth visiting. Central Java’s Dieng Plateau combines natural beauty and heritage in a bun.

Also known as Dieng Wonosobo, the highland offers a variety of tourism sites that range from breathtaking and panoramic view, beautiful lakes, historical temples as well as volcano crater. Dieng may be less mentioned but it is worth your visit. There is a long list of exciting activities to do in this travel destination. Before arranging a trip to Dieng, make sure to read this carefully!

How to Get to Dieng Plateau

Dieng Wonosobo is pretty easy to reach as there are multiple ways available. Visitors can take route either from Semarang or Yogyakarta. It takes about 3.5 hours to 5 hours depending on your speed and means of transportation that you take. Here, we will focus on how to get to Dieng from Yogyakarta.

If you depart from Yogyakarta, there are at least three options to get to Dieng. You can take a public bus but it should be the last option as you have to transfer three to four times before reaching the destination. Start your journey from Jombor Terminal to Magelang, then take another bus to Parakan and take another one to Mendolo Terminal (Wonosobo).

If you can ride a motorbike, renting a bike is the best option. From Yogyakarta, drive directly to Magelang, Temanggung, then Wonosobo. You can also rent a car especially if you don’t have budget restrain. Make sure to choose a driver that can speak English. Or else, drive by yourself in a condition that you have an international driving license. You can take the same route as motorbike.

Top Things to Do in Dieng

dieng plateau
  1. Stop by Arjuna Temple for a picturesque view

Arjuna Temple is one of historical sites in Dieng. The temple complex is quite large with several temples in some spots. You can enjoy the panoramic view of hills on its background. If you are lucky, Dieng sky can be so clear that you can easily witness the picturesque nature. If not, you have to be satisfied with misty atmosphere that often restrict your sight.

  1. Walk around Tlaga Warna

Tlaga Warna or Lake of Color is another destination offered by Dieng. You can walk around the lake and embrace the dropping temperature. You can also take some pictures in several spots that showcase the beauty of the lake with its turquoise water. During holiday, Tlaga Warna receives thousands of visitors so it can be so crowded.

  1. Hike to Batu Pandang Ratapan Angin

There is another way to enjoy the beauty of Tlaga Warna and its neighboring lake, Tlaga Pengilon. Challenge yourself with a little adventure and hike to Batu Pandang Ratapan Angin. This is known as the best spot to witness scenic view of Tlaga Warna and Tlaga Pengilon. The location of Batu Pandang is not too far from Tlaga Warna so that you can take a motorbike to reach the spot.

  1. Catch spectacular sunrise at Sikunir

Hiking to Sikunir village completes your journey in Dieng. Sikunir becomes one of favorite spot to witness the spectacular sunrise. Don’t be surprised if you see dozens of camps at its peak. Aside from catching mesmerizing sunrise, you can also behold the beauty of Dieng Highland from a different point of view. No worries! The trek is short and quite easy even though you are not a hiker.

  1. Explore the volcanic crater

Kawah Si Kidang is an active volcanic crater in Dieng Plateau. This area gives you a close look to a bubbling crater as you are only a few meters away from it. Though it looks amazing, you need to prepare a mask as the sulphur smell is quite disturbing especially in the early hours. Interestingly, you can also purchase some eggs boiled in the crater or hike the hill on the other side for a broader view.

  1. Enjoy hot coffee and fried red potato

Take a break and sip a cup of hot coffee in food stalls or street vendors. As the temperature can drop so low, heating your body keeps you energized. You can order a cup of coffee along with fried red potatoes taken from nearby fields. This gives you a memorable experience especially if you can mingle with local people.

  1. Taste the sweet carica

Dieng is home to Carica, a fruit that looks like papaya that can only be found in Dieng. You can easily find local products made of Carica such as taffy, sweets, or drinks. The most important, all are available at low price.

Where to Stay in Dieng

Dieng does not offer many options when it comes to hotels or homestays. There are some homestays nearby but most of them are overpriced. It is much recommended to take one-day trip so that you can get back to Yogyakarta or continue your journey to another destination.

But if you decide to stay near Dieng, Banjarnegara and Wonosobo are two alternatives to take into account. Even though the range of options is limited, there are some recommended hotels for you. If you are a backpacker, Persik Homestay gives sufficient accommodation to spend the night in Banjarnegara. There is also Orthega Homestay that offers you a clean place with affordable price in Wonosobo.

If you are a mid-range traveler, Pondok Bamboo Sendangsari offers a nice lodge to stay. Or else, you can spend some nights at Kresna Gallery Hotel that is located in Wonosobo. The location is not too far from Dieng so that you can hit the destination within minutes.

Dieng Plateau is undoubtedly a hidden jewel of Java. It may be less popular than Yogyakarta or East Java but this travel destination offers a lot of attractions for an engaging experience. Arrange your trip to Dieng, either solo or by travel agent. If you wish for a convenient journey, employing a travel agent is the best alternative to choose.

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