60 This Delicious Dishes Can Make You love Indonesian Food

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indonesian food

Indonesia Travel Guide – Indonesia will satisfy you not only with its super amazing nature but also with its magnificently delicious foods. There are thousands of islands in Indonesia and each island has its own best foods you must try when you’re visiting them. You’re about to see some of that Indonesian food below, and where you can get the best of those foods. Let us start exploring those perfect meals.


List 60 Indonesian Food Must You Try

indonesian food
  1. Traditional Styled Indonesian Barbeque (Satay)

This unique dish is called Sate or Satay. Indonesia has the best sate compared to other countries in entire Southeast Asia. There are different types of sate in Indonesia, like chicken sate, goat sate, fat sate, and offal sate, rabbit sate, horse sate, pork sate, and many more. For the best offal sate, you must try Sate Padang which comes from Sumatra in Ajo Ramon restaurant in Jakarta.

  1. Indonesian Soups from Various Cities (Soto)

Many cities in Indonesia have a special soup called Soto. The most famous ones are Chicken Soto, Noodle Soto, and Meat Soto. Each city has something special for its Soto. Soto Betawi from Jakarta, for example, is made with coconut milk. Soto Kudus is special since it is made with buffalo meat. Go to Kudus and try Soto Kudus Bu Jatmi for the best Soto Kudus in Indonesia.

  1. Special Flavored Rice (Nasi Uduk)

Nasi Uduk is something you absolutely have to try when visiting Jakarta. It is made of rice that’s cooked with coconut milk, bay leaves, lime leaves, lemongrass, and galangal. This rice is served with a sliced omelet, fried shrimp, fresh vegetables, crackers, and some other complements. One recommended a place to get this dish is Nasi Uduk Ibu Sum in Central Jakarta.

  1. Unique Sweet Dish from Yogyakarta (Gudeg)

This sweet dish is not a dessert, its name is Gudeg. Gudeg is made of young jackfruit that’s cooked in coconut milk. There are two types of Gudeg. First is wet Gudeg made with more coconut milk and another one is dry Gudeg made with less coconut milk. This dish served with chicken, tempe, tofu, and boiled egg. Find the best Gudeg in Gudeg Sagan, in Yogyakarta City.

  1. East Javanese Black Soup

So many people love this traditional black soup called Rawon. The dark color of the soup is created by its ingredient, keluak nut (Pangium Edule). No artificial coloring added, made it safe for your whole family. The main ingredient of this soup is beef and is served with rice and boiled bean sprouts. The best Rawon is Rawon Setan in Embong Malang Street, Surabaya, East Java.

  1. Indonesian Chicken Braised in Coconut Milk

Or you can say Opor Ayam in Bahasa. This dish comes from Central Java and is a chicken dish boiled in coconut milk and thick seasoning from lemongrass, galangal, and other spices. Served with rice or rice cake, this one is a must dish for Eid Al-Fitr. Go to Lontong Opor Pak Pangat in Blora, Central Java to taste the best chicken braised in coconut milk in Indonesia.

  1. Sumatera’s Version of Curry

Indonesia also has a dish looks like but tastes better than curry, it is called Gulai. Mostly, this dish is made of chicken but sometimes it can be made of goat meat, fish, or beef meat. The seasonings that make this dish way more special than curry is the assorted spices used in the cooking. Try one the best Gulai dishes in Gulai Bustaman Pak Sabar in North Semarang.

  1. Best Breakfast with the Best Congee

This one is my favorite. A bowl of rice porridge served with shredded chicken, leek, soybeans, celery, bread, and cracker. It is truly easy to find the sellers of this dish. But there’s always the best place to find the best dish, right? And the best place to find the most delicious chicken porridge is Bubur Kwang Tung in Jakarta.

  1. Legendary Pickled Fruit or Vegetable Dishes

The pickled dishes can be made of fruits or vegetables. In Indonesia, a pickled dish is called Asinan. And the most legendary Asinan is Asinan Bogor and Asinan Betawi. The Betawi version is made of vegetables while the Bogor version is made of fruits. Need to know the best place for both Asinan dishes? Try Asinan Oh Good and Asinan Nyonya Yenny, both in Jakarta.

  1. The Famous Oxtail Soup

Oxtail Soup is famous in many countries including the United States, China, Europe, and Asia. But the Indonesian food version of oxtail soup comes from East Java. Once the oxtail is cut, it will be marinated with special seasoning and grilled or fried. Then it will be boiled with carrot, tomato, potato, leek, celery, and fried onions. Go to Sop Buntut Bogor Café for the best oxtail soup in Indonesia.

  1. Best Meat Dish for Meat Lovers

Best meat dish which is also one of the most delicious Indonesian foods is Rendang. The beef will be served in the spicy sauce since the main spice used in the cooking is chili. Rendang today can be made of chicken, duck meat, and beef liver. The making of this dish takes hours, up to four hours. Taste the best Rendang in Kaleo Rendang Bistro located in Medan City in North Sumatera.

  1. Mouthwatering Goat Soup

Goat meat is the main ingredient of this tasty clear soup. But meat is not the only option. Some goat soups are made of the goat’s head complete with the tongue, eyes, and brain. Some others are made of goat ribs while the others are from goat leg. Served with rice, this is a perfect dish for lunch. Try one provided by Sudi Mampir Restaurant in Jakarta.

  1. Balinese Chicken Dish

Bali is where Chicken Betutu came from. This Betutu dish can also be made of duck meat. The chicken and duck must be baked intact. But previously, the meat must be seasoned with Balinese seasoning. You can also boil them first before baking them so you’ll get a softer texture. The best place to try this dish is in Badung, at Ayam Betutu Pak Men Restaurant.

  1. Crispy Duck Egg Pancake

Need a snack before dinner? You’ll need Kerak Telor from Jakarta. Glutinous rice is the main ingredient that will be cooked with duck egg. The rice will be cooked first and then filled with a mixture of duck egg, ginger, galangal powder, sugar, salt, dried shrimp, fried shredded coconut and fried shallots. You can find this everywhere in Jakarta and they’re all taste good.

  1. Balinese Mixed Foods in One Plate

Or you can call it Nasi Campur which actually is a plate of rice with assorted side dishes. This Balinese food will give you at least five different side dishes in your plate, on top of and around the rice. Or you can ask for the other side dishes like fried peanuts, chicken, eggs, and others. Try this at Warung Wardani located in Yudistira Street in Denpasar.

  1. Traditional Seafood Dish from Sulawesi

A part of Sulawesi, Manado, has a wonderful cooking method called Woku which now becomes a name of Manado food. Woku usually is made of seafood like crab, shrimp, grouper, parrot fish, and goldfish. Woku today can also be made of poultry like duck and chicken. City Extra restaurant in Manado, North Sulawesi is highly recommended for the best Woku you should try.

  1. Sticky Food from East Indonesia

Let us now fly to Papua, that’s located in the east part of Indonesia. This region has very unique food, called Papeda. The unique sticky food is made of Sago flour and has a plain taste. There are many ways to serve this. Eat it with clear soup and grilled fish or with yellow fish soup and raw coconut. Kitong Papua located in Sorong, Papua is the right place to try this dish.

  1. Perfect Your Day with Palembang’s Pempek

This food is extremely famous. Comes from Sumatera, this food made of flour and mackerel is always served with diced cucumber and vinegar sauce. Pempek itself comes in assorted types from submarine Pempek that’s filled with egg to fish skin Pempek made of fish skin. Pempek Lince located in Palembang near Musi River is the right spot to taste Pempek for the first time.

  1. Makassar’s Delicious Soup

Makassar which is located in Sulawesi has special soup made of bone and meat of buffalo and cow. This soup is named Konro Soup. The ribs are boiled to soft texture along with beef meat and other complements. Just like Rendang, Konro Soup’s making can take hours too. Give a try of this soup at Konro Soup Karebosi located in Makassar City to witness its magnificent taste.

  1. Various Types of Rice to Complete Indonesian Food

Indonesia has assorted shapes or rice. Burasa is one of them, came from Sulawesi. It is a rice dish made of rice cooked in coconut milk wrapped with banana leaf. Its size is smaller than rice cake which is cooked with water instead of coconut milk. Serve it to complete your Coto Makassar. Marannu Restaurant in East Jakarta offers the best Burasa and other menus you must try.

  1. Special Companion for Burasa

Another Makassar’s best food is a soup that’s used to be served with Burasa. It is Coto Makassar. The main ingredient of this dish is beef offal that’s boiled for long enough time. The soup of this dish is clear brown colored and its best friend is the Burasa. When you’re in Makassar, South Sulawesi, make sure you visit Coto Daeng Sirua restaurant offering most recommended Coto Makassar.

  1. Lombok’s Assorted Chicken Dishes

Lombok Island has delicious chicken dishes called Ayam Taliwang. This dish comes in assorted serving variations. There’s sweet and spicy Ayam Taliwang, grilled Ayam Taliwang with soya sauce, grilled Ayam Taliwang with honey sauce, fried sour Ayam Taliwang, and others. Visit Taliwang Khas Pak Udin in Lombok for the best chicken dish.

  1. Favorite Food of Every Indonesian People

Bakso is Indonesian meatball soup loved by the entire Indonesian residents. Meatball can be made of beef, chicken, and fish meat. It comes with compliments like noodles. While still in Jakarta, try Bakso Afung that’s believed as the best meatball in Jakarta.

  1. Fantastic Fried Rice for Everyone

Other countries may also have fried rice. But Indonesian is the best since it is made with more spices. This dish is sometimes completed with sausage, chicken, egg, and served with pickles and crackers. Try Nasi Goreng Kambing Kebon Sirih in Jakarta that’s made with goat’s meat.

  1. Alternative for Indonesian Rice

When Indonesian people don’t want to take rice, their alternative will be a noodle. Indonesian noodle usually is served with chicken and vegetables. There are two types of famous noodles in Indonesia, noodle soup and fried noodle. Try Gondangdia Chicken Noodle in Central Jakarta and see why Indonesian loves it.

  1. West Javanese Traditional Soup

West Java has a unique soup called Empal Gentong which is made of beef meat. They cook the beef meat using clay barrel over the firewood from mango trees. Try this unique food at Empal Asem H. Apud in Cirebon, West Java.

  1. A Complement for Every Spicy Lover

Don’t leave Indonesia without trying its Sambal. This compliment made of chili always presents in every Indonesian food. Indonesia now has many types of Sambal. Shrimp Sambal, Sour Sambal, and Lime Sambal are just some of them. Each restaurant will offer their best Sambal.

  1. West Javanese Vegetable Salad

One of the Javanese vegetable salads is Gado-Gado. This salad comes from Jakarta which is made of various boiled vegetables like bean sprouts, cabbage, tomato, potato, egg, carrot, and others. Get this salad that’s served with peanut sauce at Gado-Gado Cemara in Central Jakarta.

  1. East Javanese Vegetable Salad

The East Java version of the vegetable salad is called Pecel. This one is coming from Madiun. Unlike Gado-Gado, this one is made of green vegetables only and is served with rice and peanut sauce. Nasi Pecel Sri Tanjung is the most recommended one so far.

  1. Another Version of Indonesian Salad

The next Indonesian food is named Ketoprak. You will find this food everywhere in the big cities. That makes this salad different is it has fried egg and vermicelli while Gado-Gado has boiled egg and no other salads have vermicelli. Ketoprak Mitro is one of many best places to try Ketoprak.

  1. Next Generation of Indonesian Vegetable Salad

Karedok is another Indonesian famous vegetable salad. Just like the other salads, Karedok is served with peanut sauce. But this one is special since the vegetables aren’t boiled before serving. Visit Raja Sunda Bandung for best Karedok in Indonesia.

  1. Unique Mixed Salad

East Java also has a unique salad named Rujak Cingur that’s also served with peanut sauce. The main ingredient of this salad is boiled beef’s mouth slices mixed with mango, kale, tempe, tofu, and cucumber. Surabaya has the best Rujak Cingur at Joko Dolog restaurant.

  1. Local Sulawesi Bread

Sulawesi version of bread is named Panada. Panada is filled with skipjack that’s seasoned with Sulawesi special seasoning. Get this tasty bread at Hari Hari Cake & Bakery in Manado.

  1. Legendary Traditional Indonesian Pancake

The Indonesian version of a pancake is Serabi or sometimes called Surabi made of rice flour. One version of this pancake is sweet, served with brown sugar sauce. Another version is the original version with no sweet sauce. The best one is Serabi Notosuman in Surakarta, Central Java.

  1. Indonesian Style of Compote

Indonesia has compote called Kolak made of banana or sweet potato boiled in coconut milk and brown sugar. Get the best Kolak at Kantik Aneka Kolak in Jakarta.

  1. Hot Indonesian Beverage from Sulawesi

Bugis people in Sulawesi have their own hot beverage called Sarabba. This healthy drink is made of ginger, palm sugar, egg yolk, pepper, and coconut milk. Try one at Warung Sarabba in Makassar.

  1. Simple Yet Satisfying Lunch

It is a perfect definition for Surabaya’s Lontong Balap. Lontong balap is a plate of sliced rice cake with sliced tofu and the other side dishes on top of it. The food has a companion, the scallop satay. Lontong Balap Rajawali in Surabaya is the best restaurant for this one.

  1. Extra Spicy Stir fry

Try Javanese extra spicy Indonesian food, Oseng Mercon. This food’s spicy level is extremely high; don’t try if you don’t dare. Made of beef meat, the best place to get this is Oseng Mercon Mas Toni in Jogjakarta.

  1. Borneo’s Style of Soup

Kalimantan has its own Soto, Soto Banjar made of chicken seasoned with cloves, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Completed with boiled egg, carrot, rice cake, and boiled potato. Taste this at Soto Banjar Bang Amat in Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan.

  1. West Borneo’s Bread

If Sulawesi has Panada, West Kalimantan has Chai Kue or Choi Pan. Panada is fried but Chai Kue is steamed. It is made of rice flour filled with taro. Get the best of this Indonesian food at A Hin Panas Chai Kue Siam in Pontianak.

  1. Kalimantan’s Satay

Kalimantan’s satay, Sate Payau, is very famous since it is made of venison served with peanut sauce and soy sauce. Taste this at Sate Payau H. Kuni in Samarinda.

  1. South Kalimantan’s Cake

South Kalimantan has sweet and soft cake, Bingka Barandam. It is made of wheat flour, egg, coconut milk, sugar, and salt. Comes in assorted flavors, taste them at Pasar Wadai in Kalimantan.

  1. Pork Roll from Bali

Fly to Bali and taste its Pork Roll which is clearly made of pork. Try this excellent food at Warung Babi Guling Bu Dayu Kencani in Badung, Bali.

  1. Favorite Food of Flores

Sei which is smoked meat can be made of pork or beef, fried or stir-fried and served with papaya flower or other vegetables. Taste at Depot Sei Babi Melati Indah in Flores.

  1. Unique Balinese Food

When in Bali, try Lawar Kuwir which is mixed with minced duck meat, vegetables, and Bali traditional seasonings. Get this at Lawar Kuwir Pan Sinar in East Denpasar.

  1. Balinese Nasi Jinggo

It is a famous but cheap Balinese food. Made of rice served with shredded chicken, fried noodle, and fried tempe. To get this food go to Warung Bandrek & Nasi Jinggo Pak De in Kuta.

  1. Lombok’s Special Satay

Lombok’s sate, Sate Pencok can be made of Sago flour, cow-hide, or starch mixture. Go get this Lombok styled sate at Begibung Café, Mataram.

  1. Extreme Sate from East Indonesia

You must try this Papua’s food, sago tree’s caterpillar sate or Koo. It is low cholesterol and safe for your body. No need to caterpillar hunt, buy this sate at Youtea Market in Abepura, Jayapura.

  1. Flores Unique Snack

It is Jawada sweet triangle snack that’s made of rice flour, brown sugar, and coconut milk. You can buy this snack in almost every shop in Flores.

  1. Flores Staple Food

Palue Island’s people eat Kena Kita more than rice. It is a name of congee made of sweet potatoes and nuts. There’s no better Kena Kita than the one from Palue Island’s markets.

  1. Papua’s Mouthwatering Cake

Another Indonesian food to try is Bagea Cake made of sago flour and walnuts. Eat this snack with a good cup of tea or coffee. Stores in Ternate are the best sources of this cake.

  1. Cruel But Tasty Cheating Shrimp

Papua has a unique dish named Udang Selingkuh which means cheating shrimp in English but is actually a crayfish. Best restaurant for this dish is located in Trikora Street, Wamena.

  1. East Indonesian Sambal

Just like any other island, Papua also has its own Sambal, Colo-Colo. It is served with stir-fried kale and papaya flower, shrimp, yellow fish soup, and other seafood. You’ll find this in every restaurant in Papua.

  1. Balinese Satay

We’ve talked about sate from other islands. And in Bali, there’s Sate Lilit made of mackerel wrap around lemongrass or bamboo stalk. Try one at Gourmet Sate House in Badung, Bali.

  1. Banana Midrib from Lombok

Lombok residents love cooking banana midrib soup called Sayur Ares. The young midrib is cooked in coconut milk and curry seasoning. You can only get this soup in Lombok and Bali

  1. Tapa Kolo Special Indonesian Food from Flores

Tapa Kolo refers to local red rice cooked in a piece of young bamboo on an open fire. It is served with assorted dishes. No other cities offer this special food but Flores.

  1. Healthy Rumpu Rampe

It is the name of Flores food, made of sweet potato leaf and papaya leaf. This food will be served with fried fish and sambal. Try this at Warung Ikan Bakar Jakarta in Maumere, Flores.

  1. Ketupat Kandangan from Kalimantan

It is a rice cake served with snakehead fish that’s cooked in coconut milk. If you want to taste this, go to Ketupat Kandangan Hj Mursinah in Banjarmasin.

  1. Nasi Tepeng from Bali

This one is mushy rice served with Balinese seasoning poured on top of it, long bean, red bean, young jackfruit, eggplant, egg, and shredded chicken. Try this spicy food at Pasar Senggol in Gianyar.

  1. Pisang Sale from Aceh

This snack is made of bananas that are dry in the sun, smoked, and sugar-coated. You’ll find them at Toko Tradisi Aceh in North Aceh.

Have you tried the entire special Indonesian food above? Those details are not written to impress you, but to guide you to taste the most unique foods from Indonesia. So be sure to try them all.

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