Travel Guide to Kawah Ijen Volcano with Beautiful Blue Fire 2019

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kawah ijen volcano

Indonesia Travel Guide – The main island in Indonesia, Java Island, has magnificent tourist destinations everyone should know. East Java is a part of Java Island where the beautiful attractions are waiting to impress the visitors. One of those attractions is called Kawah Ijen, which is located at the most eastern part of Java Island, Banyuwangi.

Interested to bring your pack to this tourist destination? Then you better make your itinerary first, so you’ll know where to stay and what to do while visiting East Java. Now, let us be an essential part of your upcoming trip by sharing useful things about this tourist attraction.

How to get to Kawah Ijen

You can choose one of several options available to get to this beautiful crater on the mountain. If you’re going from Surabaya, take land transportation to Bondowoso. But if you’re planning to go to Banyuwangi from Bali, there’s a bus that will take you to the crater in just four hours. And if you’re from Jakarta, take a direct flight to Banyuwangi. No time wasted for transit.

Either from Banyuwangi or Bondowoso, take the jeep car that will bring you to the final post, Paltuding. The car is for rent with a cost of around fifty thousand rupiahs for three hours ride. Now, enjoy your trip to the majestic crater.

Things to Do When Visiting Kawah Ijen

kawah ijen volcano
  1. Morning trek to the gorgeous crater

One of the best things to do is hiking to the crater early in the morning when the weather is still cold and fresh. You’ll get some fogs accompanying your trip to crater. Start your trek between 5 or 6 a.m. and you will reach the crater about three to four hours later. Hiking in the morning is better since the wind is not strong yet, and there’s no sulfur gas bothering your respiration yet.

  1. Night hike to the crater

Another best time to hike to Kawah Ijen is in the night. Start your trip before 10 p.m. and enjoy your journey. Then you can set up your tent once you reach the crater. Wait for the sunrise while doing some fun kind of stuff with your group. When the dawn breaks, you’ll see adorable views from the top, with golden sunrise as the background. This is the most unforgettable moment.

  1. Get closer to the acidic lake at the crater

Get yourself a mask first that will protect your lung from sulfur clouds. The lake here is acidic since it is filled with sulfuric acid and hydrochloric. It is also a hot lake so you won’t put your finger into the water. Just enjoy the beauty as close as possible to the crater. But don’t ever touch it since it is dangerous, extremely not recommended since its temperature is 50˚C-60˚C.

  1. Shopping some unique souvenirs made from sulfur

On crater rim and around the acid lake, you’ll find miners trying to sell some figures that are all made from sulfur. The price is not really expensive so you can just buy some of them and show your appreciation of their hard work. Or you may want to check if there is something you really love and something you can get for your loved ones who don’t come with you.

  1. Capture the mysterious blue flames

If you prefer hiking at nights to enjoy the sunrise, there’s another surprise waiting for you. This crater has blue flames that will only visible at nights and disappear by 5 a.m. Capture the moments of the blue flames before they’re gone. Or get a video showing the blue flames at night and a beautiful sunrise in the dawn. Nothing’s more magical than these scenes.

  1. Learning a tougher life through the mining life around the lake

Watch the mining operation closer and you’ll learn the most touching thing ever. You may have something to worry in your life but your life is actually way luckier than the miners’. You’ll see their hard work and you’ll be thankful for everything you have now. Those miners may have a truly hard life, but they’ll give you the happiest smile you’ll ever see. Take time with the miners.

Easier Way to Enjoy Your Trip to Kawah Ijen

Whether you’re going alone or visiting Kawah Ijen with your friends, you need to consider buying a tour package. The package usually gives you a place to stay especially if it takes two or three days. It also gives you some facilities that ease your trip to the crater-like proper transportation and local meals for lunch and some other things.

Book a package tour before you book a flight to East Java. Package tour lets you get complete experience in exploring East Java, not just the great sulfuric crater. Get your kind of stuff ready and enjoy your upcoming trip to the most outstanding volcano in East Java.

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