Travel Guide to Mount Kelimutu and Three Color Lakes Kelimutu 2019

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mount kelimutu

Indonesia Travel Guide – Indonesia is home of the most gorgeous nature in the world. Its islands have the most outstanding scenes you need to see. And among those islands, the east part of Indonesia is the best. There’s a place in Flores you absolutely have to visit, it is the great Mount Kelimutu and its fabulous three colored lakes. Let us help you to witness those beautiful scenes.

How to get to Mount Kelimutu and Its Lakes

First of all, you need to go to Ende, in Flores, East Nusa Tenggara. You can get there by flights from Bali to Maumere or to Moni or to Ende. If you choose to fly to Maumere, you will need to take 4 hours of land ride to reach Moni. But if your flight will end at the Kupang airport, you will only need 40 minutes to ride to Ende, with an extra 2 hours riding land vehicle to Moni.

And from Moni to Kelimutu, you will only have to spend 45 minutes driving. If you have the real adventurous soul, you may want to walk to Kelimutu for 2.5 hours.

If the flight is not your style, take the ferry boat. There’s ferry boat from either Lombok or Bali to Flores. Unfortunately, the sea ride may take 3 to 4 days depending on the cruise package you take. Some packages may bring you to Komodo National Park and some other villages first before Kelimutu.

Things to do to Mount Kelimutu and Lakes Kelimutu

mount kelimutu
  1. Witnessing the great three-colored Kelimutu Lakes

The mount has three lakes with three extraordinary different colors. Two of them are located close to each other. The third lake is 1.5 km on the west of the other two. Between every lake, there’s boundary which is a stone wall made of the crater. Three colors of those lakes change because of sunlight discoloration, chemicals dissolution, and water microorganisms.

  1. Catching sunrise with mount and three-colored lakes in frame

To catch the perfect sunrise with your eyes and camera, you need to take the truck up for 8 km to the Kelimutu lakes. Then you will need to take 45 minutes to drive upward to the right spot. You’ll get the most impressive sunrise ever when the sun starts illuminating the mount and its colorful lakes.

  1. Trekking and hiking around the Mount Kelimutu

Explore the wonderful mount and its crater once you’re done exploring the lakes or before you start with the lakes. Then you can walk back to Moni or take any ride you want if you don’t like walking, once you’re finished with Kelimutu.

  1. Eating local foods before going to Kelimutu

At Kelimutu crater you will find some drink sellers but not so many food stalls. If you really want to try local foods, look for local restaurants at Moni. There are restaurants and market stalls providing local foods you will never find in most cities in Indonesia. Don’t forget to bring foods before you start trekking to Kelimutu. This is especially important if you want to trek alone.

  1. Exploring Kelimutu National Park

Take the arboretum line to enjoy the fresh air and get closer to nature. This 4.5-hectare forest has more than 250 trees in more than 79 different types. This is a perfect place to do research, have a picnic, and have educative recreation. This forest is also home for gorgeous birds. After the sunrise at Kelimutu, you need to hear the birds songs in this forest.

  1. Komodo Dragon tour in Komodo National Park

If Kelimutu is your first destination, you must place Komodo National Park at the second place. It is one of UNESCO World Heritage Sites located in Indonesia where Komodo Dragons live. There will be a tour guide helping you to stay safe while interacting with the Komodo Dragons. You will never forget what you experience in this national park.

Where to Stay

There are two lodging options available. First one is for backpackers and adventurers, which is located in Moni. There are guesthouses with minimal facilities like Antoneri Lodge and Daniel Lodge. They’re located really close to the Kelimutu, so they’re the best choice if you want to get to Kelimutu immediately.

But if you want something way more comfortable, pick lodging that is located in Maumere. It is located 4 hours of land ride away from Mount Kelimutu but it has homey and cozy lodgings that meet your style.

Or, pick tour package that includes Kelimutu. The package usually gives you complete facilities including a place to get foods and cozy place to stay.

Now, since we’re done providing everything you need to know about Kelimutu trip, you can start packing your bags. And book not only the flights to Indonesia but also the tour package or lodging so once you arrive, you’ll focus on exploring the beauty of Indonesia.

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