Travel Guide to Wonderful Nature of Nusa Penida Island Bali 2019

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nusa penida island

Indonesia Travel Guide – Bali is undoubtedly the most famous island in Indonesia. And though you may have visited this island, you need to repeat it since there may many things you haven’t visited on your first trip. Nusa Penida Island, for example, have you been exploring this island before? Well, the second trip to this island will be better for sure, since you’ve read the great guides below.

Now first, it is best to check the right routes to get to a small island next to Bali and make a perfect list about your next trip on that island. Let us start by choosing the right route before you see the list of amazing spots you must not skip.

How to Get to Nusa Penida Island

From the mainland, Bali Island, you can take the boat to Nusa Penida Island. You can go from Sanur Beach or Kusamba Port or Padang Bai Port. Most convenient one of those three ports is Sanur since it is located close to Bali tourist centers and it has lots of operators. From Sanur, you will reach Nusa Penida Island in 45 minutes.

From Kusamba Port, you will need to spend 40 minutes to get to Nusa Penida Island. And if you are going to bring your own vehicle to Nusa Penida Island, you better leave Bali from Padang Bai Port. The Ferry that brings you along with your vehicle will leave only from Padang Bai Port, not from the other two ports.

Things to do in Nusa Penida Island

nusa penida island
  1. Make friends with the wild mantas

Do your best in finding a tour that can let you swim with huge manta rays. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll be swimming and snorkeling with manta rays in Manta Bay. A manta tour will cost around 20 USD if you book the tour when you’re on Nusa Penida Island or Nusa Lembongan already. The tour can also be booked before you reach both islands.

  1. Manta-seeing through the Manta Ray Viewpoint

There’s a special spot where you can watch the beautiful Manta from above. This spot is located between Broken Beach and Angel’s Billabong. There’s archway that’s made from trees. And there’s hill towards the coast on the right where you can sit and look the ocean way down. From this spot, you’ll see big manta rays exploring the ocean. What an adorable view.

  1. Enjoying the refreshing Tembeling

There’s a beach named Tembeling Beach you must visit with your group. Before you reach the beach, there will be natural pools that look so refreshing. don’t hesitate to taste the fresh water in the natural pools surrounded by calming forest. Both natural pools have crystal clear fresh water and blue tone. This will not only refresh your body but also your eyes.

  1. Snorkeling again in incredible Gamat Bay

If you love Crystal Bay and snorkeling with the Manta Ray, you’ll love Gamat Bay for sure. This bay has colder water than the previous two snorkeling spots. And there are magnificent rock formations and coral structures under the water. The depth of water ranged from few meters to twenty meters. If you’re lucky, you’ll meet turtle while snorkeling in extremely clear water.

  1. Watching Nusa Penida from the highest point

Nusa Penida’s highest point is called Puncak Mundi. This is actually a series of Balinese traditional temples. The view from the top is really cool. Visit this place during an event or prayer when you will see the candles along with rituals.

Where to Stay in Nusa Penida Island

Your traveling style is going to decide the stay style while you’re visiting Nusa Penida Island. For backpackers, there’s Hostel Nusa Penida among many great hostels available. This place gives you free WiFi and is close to many attractions, hikes, and beaches. The place is modern and clean with behaved staff.

For those who need value place to stay, Ananta Bungalow is recommended. This one is located next to the Crystal Bay where you can enjoy the best sunset on the island. Bungalows here have a terrace and thatched roof which makes the island life looks more modern. It is also close to the Manta ray, makes it perfect if you want to get back to the huge manta rays.

If your style is luxury, then give Semabu Hills Resort a try. This resort has an incredible infinity pool where you can have an ocean view. This is the most amazing spot for you to relax when you’re done exploring the whole island.

No matter which style you are, make sure you make a good list of Nusa Penida destinations based on what you just read above. You will never regret your decision in visiting and exploring Bali and three small islands around it. Now, schedule the next trip to Bali and make sure your friends or whole family are ready for the outstanding holiday in Nusa Penida.

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