15 Best Things to Do in Bandung and Most Fascinating Places

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Indonesia Travel Guide – Way before booking your flight to Indonesia, you need to get your list of what things to do in Bandung ready. Bandung is a wonderful city located in West Java and also known as Kota Kembang or Flowery City in English. While preparing your itinerary, check out these incredible places at Bandung you must know. You may get some inspirations for the next memorable trips with your loved ones.

Things to Do in Bandung and Most Fascinating Places

things to do in bandung
  1. Exploring Lembang on the west side of Bandung

Lembang is full of adorable sites. Lembang’s cool climate meets the fresh air and turns Lembang into a tranquil place that gives you maximum comfort. Visit Lereng Anteng Panoramic Coffee Place while you’re at Lembang. Enjoy the wonderful outdoor by sitting in a clear tent while watching an amazing mountain with good coffee in your hand.

  1. Sunrise hunting at Tebing Keraton

Go to Tebing Keraton which is 1200 meter above the sea level. There’s nothing more ideal than this cliff to catch the most beautiful sunrise. This cliff will also amaze you with misty clouds that are floating over mountains. When you reach the top of a cliff, find the right spot and relax while waiting for the sun to rise. This spot is still located in Lembang, West Bandung.

  1. Moving to the south side of Bandung for Situ Patenggang

Situ Patenggang is the name of a famous lake. To get to Situ Patenggang, you will need to pass numerous tea plantations and strawberry farms. You’ll stop by just to take pictures or buy some strawberries that are what happened to other visitors. The lake itself has beautiful and colorful boats. Go on a boat ride or pick a homey spot to enjoy the serenity and beauty of it.

  1. Family trip in an adventure park

If you are going with your family, you should add Bandung Treetop Adventure Park to your list. This park has outdoor activities such as flying fox designed not only for kids but also for adults with a different difficulty level. Everyone looking for a thrilling site in Bandung must check out this park that’s located in Lembang.

  1. Phenomenal and mystical site in the south side of Bandung

South Bandung has Kawah Putih which is a white colored sulphuric lake that has huge rocks on the shore and hills in lush green color. High crater walls are surrounding Kawah Putih. This site is a perfect choice for you to refresh your soul and mind. This place will also make you feel reinvigorated so you’ll be ready for the next trip in Bandung.

  1. Hiking at Tangkuban Perahu

Tangkuban Perahu is Bandung’s volcano where you can try short hiking activity. Once you reached the crater of this volcano, you’ll see boiling mud and the geysers. It is better to hike during the weekdays when the tourist price for hiking is cheaper than the price at the weekend. It truly is a cool place to visit.

  1. Relaxing at the right hot springs

Among so many hot springs in Bandung, the best ones are Cibolang hot spring and Sari Ater hot spring. Those hot springs are located in a volcanic area. Many believe that hot springs are known for their healing effects. So try to heal your tired body by dipping in a hot spring.

  1. Mouthwatering dishes at Sapu Lidi restaurant

As the most peaceful and beautiful restaurant in Bandung, Sapu Lidi is offering Indonesian traditional dishes for its visitors. At Sapu Lidi, you’ll enjoy your lunch in the middle of rice fields. This absolutely is a unique lunch you’ll ever have.

  1. Visiting rainbow waterfall when the sun starts to set

In Cimahi, there’s a rainbow waterfall you should check. At daylight, the waterfall won’t show its rainbow color but is cool enough. The waterfall will turn into a rainbow waterfall every sunset. It is possible because of a gigantic light wire illuminates the waterfall up. During the rainy season, this waterfall grows bigger but the access may be a bit uncomfortable.

  1. Hunting Instagram photos at a stunning restaurant

Get your tasty dishes at Cakrawala Sparkling Nature Restaurant where you’ll see the extraordinary views of Bandung from the top. This restaurant is not only providing delicious foods and drinks but also nice views for your background photos. You’ll get lots of likes from your Instagram followers.

  1. Catch colorful pictures at Rabbit Town

Rabbit town is a fun place where you can get fun and colorful photos to fill your Instagram account. There’s building that’s full of colorfully decorated chambers. The entrance fee is less than USD 6 for each person. Your little ones will love this place.

  1. Outstanding spots at Dago Dream Park

Everyone loves Disney Pixar’s movie called “Up!” Now you can see the house with balloons from that movie at Dago Dream Park in Bandung. You can even take a beautiful picture of your ‘flying’ with the house. This park also has floating Aladdin carpet, flying broom, and other floating things that will make you look like you’re flying in your photos.

  1. One Million Balls to impress your beloved children

One Million Balls is not only offering a playground for kids but also the other colorful rooms perfect for your photo backgrounds. Get your whole family to One Million Balls for an exciting holiday.

  1. Unique landmark in the middle of Bandung

The unique landmark is actually a church named St. Peters Cathedral. The unique architecture was designed in Neo-gothic style. Photographers must not skip this landmark since it is a great source of beautiful and interesting pictures. Get perfect pictures at this landmark before sunset.

  1. Learning the history of Bandung

Go to Bandung Historical Park and learn about Bandung’s history. While you’re learning, let your kids play at the children pool, a facility provided for children. The small but cool gardens in this park are also perfect for relaxing and reading.

Those are just a few things you can do while visiting Bandung. Hope you’re no longer wondering what things to do in Bandung anymore. Now it is time to pack the bags and book the right flight and hotels.

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