15 Things to Do in Jakarta Except Shopping (Beyond Expectations)

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things to do in jakarta

Indonesia Travel Guide – As Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta is expected to have something that may attract tourists either domestic or foreigners. Jakarta should have something special for its visitors so travelers won’t waste their time for anything in this capital. If you’re still looking for ideas about what to do in Jakarta, you’re in the best place now. We’ll share some incredible things you should do while in this metropolitan city.

What things to Do in Jakarta except Shopping

things to do in jakarta

Domestic travelers would love to shop for beautiful yet less expensive things in some markets. But you won’t do that every day during your holiday, will you? So here are perfect destinations in Jakarta you don’t want to miss.

  1. Something blue in Jakarta Bay

Jakarta Bay is located in Kepulauan Seribu (of Thousand Islands). Rent a boat and visit some small islands around the bay. There’s Macan Island, Pramuka Island, Sepa Island, and Bidadari Island waiting for your visit. Or, rent a cottage where you can enjoy the refreshing views. This bay is something special you’ll find in a crowded capital.

  1. Eat something good in a cozy cafe

If you’re traveling with family, you may want a family friendly place to dine at. Cerita Café that’s located in East Jakarta is one of those amazing places. This café has a unique picnic concept with a cool and comfortable outdoor area you can use as photo spots. Good foods for your tummy and good photos for your Instagram.

  1. Shopping while enjoying nature

You can now shopping while watching your kids playing at Tribeca Park. This park is in a mall and it has assorted plants. The trees, fish ponds with Brazilian turtles and koi fishes are a perfect environment for your family. Jogging in this park is another activity you can do if you’re not going to shop anything here.

  1. Teach your kids how to have fun in Tanah Tinggal

Tanah Tinggal is another natural tourism in Jakarta designed for families. There are outbound facilities here that will keep your kids active. Kayaking, flying fox, rock climbing are some adventure games your kids can try. Or you can make them try some educative games like orchid plantings, rice harvestings, and clay pottery making.

  1. Nice lunch in a nice restaurant

Get your lunch – or dinner – in a special restaurant called Twin House Coffee & Kitchen in Jakarta Selatan. The special concept makes your family feels like they’re enjoying a fun picnic instead of eating in a restaurant. Feel free to enjoy outdoor or indoor dining. The décor both inside and outside keeps you feel cozy.

  1. The Reservoir in Ria Rio Park in East Jakarta

Another nice place in Jakarta to visit is the Ria Rio Park that has complete facilities and pretty views. Pedestrian streets with cozy park benches and assorted plants create a perfect atmosphere for your family trip. The reservoirs will even refresh your day. Bring your homemade lunch and enjoy it here.

  1. Tidung Island and its beauty for an exciting trip

Tidung Island is one of 110 islands in Thousand Islands or Kepulauan Seribu. Go snorkeling and see how pretty Indonesian waters are. Enjoy some other exciting activities like tanning at the beach or trying the banana boat with your kids.

  1. Visit Tuttonero Coffee & Eat when it times to eat

If you need a café with a homey atmosphere, this café is what you want. Cozy seating, nice views, tasty foods, are what you need to recharge your energy. This café has four containers of functioned as seating areas. This café that’s located in West Java is a perfect spot for those who look for not only nice foods but also great photos for Instagram.

  1. An old education facility for meaningful trips with kids

This old facility is named Kandank Jurank Doank, established in 1993. This facility is a nature school that will teach your kids with fun educative activities. Your kids will learn how to live with nature and other important things in exciting ways. Make sure you get here during your holiday.

  1. Tabebuya Park with pink trees everywhere

If you love Sakura flowers a lot, you have to check Tabebuya Park in South Jakarta. Tabebuya itself is a name of a Brazilian tree. This tree has pink colored flowers that look just like Sakura flowers. Don’t tell you’re a pink lover if you have no pictures with these pink flowering trees in Tabebuya Park.

  1. Homey cafe with tasty meals in South Jakarta

While you’re still in South Jakarta you must visit Gordi HQ café that offers the best coffees. Not only coffees, but this café offers a unique concept with picnic mats and tasty meals. Hanging out with friends will be way better while enjoying dishes and coffees in this café.

  1. Shady Suropati Park in the heart of the capital

Suropati Park that is located in Central Jakarta offers a shady and cool atmosphere for your family. Thousands of potted plants increase the fresh air that’s good for your loved ones. At nights you can see Jakarta’s street art performances while enjoying the impressive Southeast Asian artists’ sculptures.

  1. Young people’s park in North Jakarta

North Jakarta has a special park called Kalijodo Park that’s designed for those who love skateboarding and BMX riders. Besides, there are amazing graffiti beautifying the huge wall in this part. Young photographers must come and check. There’s also a public library and culinary center in the middle of this park.

  1. Another beautiful spot in North Jakarta

North Jakarta also has a beautiful park called Angke Kapuk that’s also known as the mangrove forest. This park offers eye refreshing green views. The location of this park is not so far from the center of Jakarta.

  1. End your day at Diponegoro Park in Central Jakarta

This park was Diponegoro market but not it turns to a green lane in the middle of Indonesia’s capital. The voice of water flow that’s so calming is perfect back sound for your soothing relax.

Create memorable moments in Jakarta by visiting those places during your holiday. Add them to your itinerary so there’s no more time to wonder what to do in Jakarta when you finally arrived in this city.

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