15 Exploring The Most Magical Spots Things to Do in Lombok Island

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things to do in lombok

Indonesia Travel Guide – If you’re planning a trip to Indonesia, we’d like to suggest you to add Lombok Island to your itinerary. This island is the true beauty representing Indonesia. But you may wonder what to do in Lombok. Don’t worry we’ve made you a list of the best destinations in Lombok Island to visit. They’ll truly make your upcoming holiday unforgettable. Check out the list down here and pick ones for your own list.

What Things to Do in Lombok Island

things to do in lombok
  1. Exploring the beach on the west side of Lombok Island

On the west side of Lombok, there’s pretty Semeti Beach with small islets, caves, blowholes, and coves. Not so many tourists know about this beach so you’ll feel like spending your time in a private beach exploring different viewpoints that all are incredible. Enjoy hanging out at sandy beach area with your couple or try dipping in crystal clear seawater with your little ones.

  1. Surfing at Mawi Beach

Mawi Beach is a perfect choice for surfers. The waves are great to catch nice rides. The beach is lined with bamboo huts that will keep your shade and cool while you’re not surfing. Lunches, snacks, and fresh coconuts wait for you to take them in between swims and surfs. Since this beach is a bit isolated than other beaches, the food prices are more expensive.

  1. Snorkeling at some small islands in Lombok

Lombok has three famous islands called The Gilis. Those islands are Gili Air, Gili Trawangan, and Gili Meno. Go to those islands and enjoy the beauty of our earth by snorkeling. Those islands also allow you to relax and throw some parties since they’re way quieter than Bali. Also, check the other Gilis around Lombok Island through Secret Gili’s tour.

  1. Enjoying a sunset on the west coast

Looking for a perfect spot where you can enjoy the most memorable sunset? Lombok’s west coast has a beach that is untouched. The entire beach stretch of soft sand is undoubtedly amazing. Since the beach is untouched, you will have that beach for your family with no other person bothering your sight while enjoying the sun getting set.

  1. Watching the sunrise at the north side of Lombok Island

Senaru sunrise is what you need to start your other day in Lombok. The golden rays coming through the clouds, green forest and fields as far as your eyes can see and the warmth gets you ready for another good day. This spot is also a nice start for the other adventures in north Lombok.

  1. Showering at Sendang Gile

One of the awesome waterfalls in Lombok you should not miss is Sendang Gile. This waterfall has two tiers that both boom down into a shallow river. Since the river is shallow, you don’t need to worry about letting your kids playing in there. Just keep your eyes on them. Now let us move to another waterfall close to Sendang Gile.

  1. Outstanding magical waterfall

The most popular waterfall you must visit while in Lombok is Tiu Kelep. Catch some awesome pictures of the waterfall and enjoy the fresh water here. But be careful not to swim beneath the waterfall since its impact zone may pull you. Don’t leave your kids alone exploring the waterfall.

  1. Camping on top of Pergasingan Hill

Get your tents, equipment, water, and food to Pergasingan Hill and set up your camp before the sun sets. If you can reach the top of the hill before the sun leaves the earth, you’ll get a chance to explore and enjoy magnificent views. Fire up the bonfire at night then enjoy the epic sunrise the next morning. You will never regret this experience.

  1. Trekking the greatest mountain in Lombok

If you’re really interested in trek Mount Rinjani, you need to visit Lombok within April to January when the trekking is opened. February and March are the worst time to trek this mountain since the rainy season will make the mount dangerous for trekking. May is the best month to trek Mount Rinjani and to camp on the mountain.

  1. Jaw dropping beach with black sand around Senaru

Near Senaru, there are amazing beaches with coconut trees and black sand. If you visit on a clear day, there’s a chance to see Mount Rinjani at the beach. Greneng Beach is one of the beaches with black sand around Senaru. Spend more time to explore other beaches near Greneng Beach.

  1. Heading to central Lombok for more extraordinary destinations

Central Lombok has Kelambu and Benang Stokel Waterfalls. Let us focus on Benang Stokel first. Benang Stokel actually is three amazing waterfalls that are flowing down to the shallow pool. There’s also jump spot that lets you jump from eleven meters height before you land in canyon.

  1. Visiting a magical site in central Lombok

Kelambu Waterfall is truly a magical site that will not fail to impress you. There are huge walls of greenery and vines with the multiple cascades that spread throughout huge walls. Imagine being surrounded by greeneries and waters. There’s nothing more magical than this spot. The name ‘kelambu’ which means mosquito net in English is the right name for this waterfall.

  1. Paragliding from top of Prabu Hill

Head to the south side of Lombok Island and you’ll find Prabu Hill. The view on top of that hill is extraordinary and is even better when you’re paragliding. Paragliding is not something scary but it is truly relaxing, especially when you float above the coast that has unforgettable views.

  1. Surfing (again) at the south side of Lombok

South Lombok also has a nice surf point, it is at Seger Beach. This beach has a shallow reef that is perfect for reef breaking. No surfboard rentals here so bring your own or rent it in Kuta.

  1. Sightseeing through the tower of Bilasayak Beach

Go to the hill of this beach where the tower is located. The tall tower lets you see the entire coast around you – once you reached the top of the tower.

If you can’t add the entire activities above to your list of ‘what to do in Lombok‘, at least pick one or two from each side of Lombok Island. Explore the entire sides of Lombok and bring home the greatest memories.

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