Travel Guide to Enjoy Amazing Wakatobi Island at Its Best

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wakatobi island

Indonesia Travel Guide – Indonesia’s Wakatobi is a place that will make you fall in love. Located in Southeast Sulawesi, Wakatobi is known as among the most beautiful places in the archipelago. Wakatobi has been designated as the world’s second coral reef that is home to 750 fish species and 850 coral types. This explains why Wakatobi Island receives thousands to millions of visitors each year, be it from domestic or international tourists.

But many questions may pop up in your head. How to get there? What tourist attractions are available in Wakatobi? What can you do in the island? Don’t let yourself be drowned in a pool of questions, check out the following brief guide to enjoy Indonesia’ Wakatobi. Take a quick look to see if this tourist destination worth visiting for your upcoming holiday!

How to Get to Wakatobi Island

Compared to Bali, Wakatobi is surely not an easy travel destination to reach. But this should not discourage you from exploring its underwater beauty and get lost in a small piece of heaven. To get to Wakatobi, you will need to take a flight from Jakarta, Makassar, or Bali. From one of those places, take another flight to Matahora Airport, which is a small airport in Wangi-Wangi Island.

It is also necessary to tell you that Wakatobi is a group of islands consisting of Wangi-Wangi, Kaledupa, Binongko, and Tomia. Ferry and private boats are the only means of transportation between the islands. However, some resorts also offer free transfer when you make a booking, be from or to the airport. In short, accommodation is not a big matter when visiting Wakatobi.

What to Do in Wakatobi

wakatobi island
  1. Appreciate underwater beauty with scuba diving

Wakatobi undoubtedly has one of the best spots for diving not only in Indonesia but also around the world. The Marine National Park is home to diverse fish species and coral reefs that will indulge your eyes. Be ready to get mesmerized by colorful school fish and coral spread in four adorable spots including Cornucopia, Coral Garden, Roma, and House Reef.

Good news, you don’t need to choose the right time to enjoy Wakatobi’s underwater beauty. This destination can be visited throughout the year, thanks to warm and nice water that gives you an outstanding experience of scuba diving. Make sure to bring a waterproof camera with you.

  1. Mingle with local people

The best part of visiting a travel destination is you can mingle with friendly local people. Wakatobi Island is inhabited by Bajo ethnic groups who build their houses on the water. This surely gives you an unforgettable experience to meet and blend with the local people. You can learn more about local culture and listen to stories directly from the indigenous you can never find on the internet or other sources.

Interestingly, you can also use a Venetian-like boat to visit local people’s houses. Seeing the houses of ‘sea gypsy’ gives you another perspective of seeing this life.

  1. Feel the enjoyment of watching dolphins

There is another thing that will make you fall in love with Wakatobi. The water area is home to dolphins, thus you can watch them swimming happily in their natural habitat. It is an exciting experience to take a close look to these intelligent creatures. This is an attraction that you cannot find in many places, therefore you should not miss this one.

  1. Taste the local culinary

It is a must to try local culinary when visiting Wakatobi. There is a wide array of local dishes to enjoy in Indonesia’ Wakatobi such as Kasuami (grated cassava), Parende fish soup, luluta (roasted rice) and heloa sira (mixed soup) and many others. Trying traditional food is the best way to understand the local culture. Besides, you are considered to never visited Wakatobi before tasting its local dishes.

  1. Catch the best sunset in Kayangan Hill, Tomia

Wakatobi is not only about underwater view, water, and beach. You can get a different perspective from this place by hiking to Kayangan Hill, Tomia. This is the best place to catch a mesmerizing sunset view. When visiting this place, you will see dozens of camps from domestic or international tourists waiting for the sunset. At night, Kayangan Hill allows you to see the beautiful starry sky.

  1. Enjoy island hopping for a quick travel

One day is not enough to explore Wakatobi, but it does not mean you can’t. In a condition that you have a very short time to spend in this Marine National Park, island hopping is the best thing to do. Speedboats are ready to take you to travel and enjoy distinct beauty offered by each of four islands in Indonesia’s Wakatobi.

Where to Stay in Wakatobi

As a popular travel destination, you are offered with diverse choices of accommodation to stay in Wakatobi. If you have a tight budget, Bed and Breakfast accommodation is a friendly choice for your purse. Haila Homestay that is located in Tano offers you a bed and breakfast accommodation with a clean place.

For a value place, Nayang Hotel in Usuku makes a great option. The hotel provides a beachfront view with shared lounge and 24-hour front desk. Or else, you can also opt for Tomia Villa Wakatobi in Waha. This villa offers air-conditioned room with welcoming staff and clean area. The most important, the rate will not break your savings.

In a condition that you want to have a good time with classy service, Naya Matahora Island Resort is where you should stay. This 3-star hotel is located in Langga, Naya Matahora Island. The resort offers you with a garden and terrace with beachfront view. Patuno Hotel & Resort is another option to have an engaging experience in Wakatobi.

All in all, visiting Wakatobi Island is another way to fall in love with Indonesia. This tourist destination provides you with a lot of attractions, ranging from scenic view to unique traditional food. Do you plan to visit Wakatobi for the upcoming holiday? You can make a solo travel or call a travel agent to arrange the trip for you. No matter which way you choose, ensure yourself to enjoy Wakatobi at its best!

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