15 Unforgettable Moments Things To Do in Bali (Nature, Culinary and Culture)

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things to do in bali

Indonesia Travel Guide – As the most famous destination in Indonesia, Bali offers magnificent things that will perfect your upcoming holiday. If you have no idea what things to do in Bali, you better stay with us since we’re going to share amazing things that will inspire your holiday in Bali. Bali gives you not only beautiful nature but also incredible cultures you obviously have to see. Prepare your family for a trip to Bali now.

One of the many good things about Bali is stable weather. Since Bali has tropical climate, the temperature during the days is around 21° – 33° C. December to March is when the rainfall is high with 27° C during the days. But the temperature will go down to 15° C during the nights. Get the right dresses for your Bali trip so you’ll enjoy your family trip.

Where to Go and What Things to Do in Bali

things to do in bali
  1. Reach the blue sky on Mende Hill

This beautiful hill is located on Subaya Village in Kintamani, Bangli. Sacrifice is needed to enjoy the gorgeous view on top of Mende Hill. Yet, climbing to the top of this hill is not so hard to do, it is perfect for beginners. Besides, this hill is not really famous, yet. So you can enjoy the views with your family – or your couple – with less distraction.

  1. Outstanding orange carpet in Temukus Village

Temukus Village in East Bali has an adorable orange carpet which is a marigold field. Marigold itself is used by Balinese people for rituals, no wonder we can find a beautiful field of this flower in Bali. The best time to visit this garden is before the harvest and before a religious holiday when the flowers are all blooming beautifully.

  1. Collect your best photos on a high spot

Still, in Bangli, there’s a nice photo spot called Tukad Melangit. The specific location of this destination is in Banjar Antugan, Jehem Village, Tembuku. Take your most impressive photos on a balcony mounted on a 300 meters height cliff. That makes this cliff amazing is the background you’ll get in your photos, the amazing green hills under the clear blue sky.

  1. Impressive Tukad Cepung Waterfall, still in Tembuku

While you’re still in Tembuku, fill your tummy and make it ready for a wild climb to Tukad Cepung Waterfall. You must climb and hike to see the pretty waterfall, so leave your high heels and get the right shoes. Also, before going to this waterfall, get a detail about the water level since during the rainy season it can be truly extreme and dangerous.

  1. Freshwater in Angel’s Billabong

This billabong has natural infinity pool you must visit. The crystal clear water lets you see the riverbed. The riverbed isn’t slippery so you can walk on it comfortably and safely. Go to Banjar Sumpang in Bunga Mekar Village, Nusa Penida to enjoy the pretty billabong.

  1. Visiting the twin volcanic lake

This twin lake is called Lake Tamblingan and Lake Buyan. Those volcanic lakes are located close to each other but separated by a kilometer length green forest. Their beauty is still so natural and quiet. You’ll find no motorized boat on both lakes since native people there are using small boats to go fishing, that’s why the quietness is so peaceful in there.

  1. Green Cliff with a mysterious cave in Bangli

Located in Undisan Kelod Village in Tembuku, Bangli, Green Cliff requires you to pass the jaw-dropping views of rice fields, forest, ravine, and waterfall before you see the Green Cliff. It is called Green Cliff since the cliff walls are all covered by moss. There’s a small hidden cave at the end of this cliff’s water flow. Do you dare to get into the mysterious cave?

  1. Another awesome photo spot with a little splash

Nusa Dua, Bali has an incredible photo spot named Water Blow. This is where you’ll watch – and enjoy if you don’t mind getting wet – the spectacular sea water bursts. The high-speed waves of the Indian Ocean that hit the narrow gaps between the cliffs create extraordinary water splashes. If you don’t want to get wet, watch where you stand.

  1. Build your tent on Asah Hill

Go to Bugbug Village in Karangasem and build your tent on Asah Hill where the true beauty is ready to welcome you. When you wake up in the next morning, Bali’s adorable ocean panoramic view, coral reefs, and small islands are going to greet you.

  1. Fishing between the mysterious stones

Those mysterious stones in Yeh Leh Beach are not so famous but they’re actually incredible. There’s no white sand in this beach, only stones in various sizes with moss covering them. Visit this beach during the low tide. You’ll see not only the stones but also small creatures between them. And don’t miss the spectacular sunset.

  1. Be careful with the great mystic tree

This huge mystical tree is called Bunut Bolong tree. The great tree has huge roots on both sides of the street and a hole between the roots. You can drive your car under the tree. Native people believe that a couple should not walk under this tree or else their relationship will end soon after they pass the tree.

  1. Refresh your day in natural Jacuzzi

Tegal Wangi beach has holes within the corals that contain the ocean water. Those holes let you enjoy the natural Jacuzzi after a tiring day. Get your date here and enjoy the most beautiful and relaxing sunset ever.

  1. Heavenly beach in Nusa Ceningan

Nusa Ceningan has a Blue Lagoon with its crystal clear water. Some people came to refresh their eyes with gorgeous views while the others tried to jump from the cliff. Unfortunately, because of safety reason, cliff jumping is now forbidden.

  1. What things to do in Bali during Nyepi?

Nyepi is Bali’s Day of Silence. Hindu people on this island do nothing on that day. Everything is closed. Tourists are expected to respect people by minimizing their activities. That’s the risk if Nyepi is in your schedule.

  1. Beauty in the broken beach

There’s unique beached called Pasih Uwug which means broken beach. There’s a cliff hole with ocean water inside it. It was actually a cave that collapsed and turns to the phenomenal beach you must visit.

Pack your case, get your family ready, and book your flight to Bali now. But wait; make sure that you won’t be in Bali for Bali’s Day of Silence since there’s nothing you can do that day.

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