Add 15 Amazing to Your “What things to Do in Yogyakarta” List

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things to do in yogyakarta

Indonesia Travel Guide – Among so many cities in Indonesia, Yogyakarta must be in your itinerary. One reason is that Yogyakarta is a special region where you will find thousands of special things. Whether you want to shop, enjoying nature, or trying some new awesome things, Yogyakarta is the best destination. Wondering what things to do in Yogyakarta? Find the answers down here.

Add These to Your ‘What things to Do in Yogyakarta’ List

things to do in yogyakarta
  1. Learn about the culture and customs sense in Yogyakarta’s local markets

The biggest local market that will teach you a lot about Yogyakarta live is Beringharjo Market. That market and many other markets are full of old women selling tropical fruits in their woven baskets. You’ll find batik stalls everywhere in Beringharjo. Or, consider visiting a traditional market located at Prawirotaman II before 12. Get whatever you need in those markets.

  1. Explore impressive street arts along the way

In Yogyakarta, street art is no longer considered as vandalism. Street arts are brightening up the streets. If you stay in Prawirotaman – which is famously known as lodging for tourists – you will see a lot of graffiti around you. Take becak – or tuk-tuk – to explore the city and figure out shop fronts and alleyways full of local artists’ decorations.

  1. Spend your night riding a paddled car in the center of the city

Go to the town square, Alun-Alun Selatan where you’ll find fast foods sold on mobile stalls. You can also enjoy the night by riding illuminated vehicles that are decorated with Pikachu, Doraemon, Hello Kitty, and other cute things. Those vehicles are powered by your own energy, so just keep paddling. This thing is not only fun but also healthy.

  1. Don’t just buy, make your own batik

Batik is an Indonesian famous cloth made and loved by Indonesian people. Almost all regions in Indonesia have their own batik, but the best one comes from Java Island. Join batik workshop where you can try making batik scarf. Great workshop located in Tirtodipuran Street will only cost you fifty thousand rupiahs and let you bring the batik scarf you made by yourself.

  1. Taste the real coffee at famous Klinik Kopi

Caffeine lovers must visit this coffee shop and taste different coffee. The coffees in this coffee shop are that it focuses only on small farmers of coffee throughout Indonesia. Founders of this coffee shop looked for farmers who produce very best coffee beans. Klinik Kopi offers assorted Indonesian coffees you must try while in Yogyakarta.

  1. Chill your day with Yogyakarta’s gelato

Yogyakarta today is hot so you need to find a good gelato in this town.  There are many gelato shops around the town. The best one – so far – is the one in Prawirotaman, yep, close to tourist lodging. With only twenty-five thousand rupiahs you’ll get two scoops gelato with cone. Enough to refresh your sweaty days, isn’t it?

  1. Visiting exotic beaches in the east part of Yogyakarta

One of the exotic beaches named Baron Beach. This one is flanked by two huge hills and is where the freshwater from the river and saltwater of the ocean meets. Unfortunately, no one is allowed to swim in here. While you’re on this beach, don’t forget to taste the fresh grilled fishes offered by the stalls around the beach.

  1. Unique coral reefs in Wediombo Beach

Unlike Baron Beach, Wediombo Beach is flanked by wide bays with soft white sand. This beach is perfect for those who look for a soothing atmosphere along with the sound of the beach wave and refreshing winds. Every year there’s Ngalangi ritual that’s held in this beach. It is a ceremony to thank God for everything and to ask God for a better future.

  1. Drini Beach’s charm and exoticism

Have you ever visited Tanah Lot in Bali? Drini Beach is the Java version of Tanah Lot. They both look similar but Drini has no temple on the coral. Drini Beach has two bays with brown sand. The beach is homey and clean so feel free to play at the beach. Then you can end your day by enjoying young coconut water offered by stalls around Drini Beach

  1. Siung Beach for rocky beaches lovers

Speaking about rocky beaches, Siung Beach is the best in Yogyakarta. This beach has lots of huge corals or rocks on the west and east. There’s one biggest coral intended to the ocean that looks like a fang. Fang in Javanese is siung, so this beach is named by that big fang coral that becomes the icon of the beach.

  1. Test your adrenaline at Timang Beach

This beach is close to Baron Beach but is way perfect for those who want to pump their adrenaline. There’s a cable car that usually is used as transportation to seek lobster. With a hundred thousand rupiahs, you will get a privilege to ride the cable car across the ocean – I mean the cable cars will bring you across the water and bring you to a small island and back.

  1. Improve your reef break skill at Krakal Beach

Krakal Beach’s waves are known as the challenging reef break. If you think you’re a pro surfer, you can improve your skill here but you really need to be a pro surfer first. No newbie is allowed since the waves here will throw you to the corals. If you’re not a professional surfer, yet, enjoy the beauty of the beach in a gazebo on top of the hill.

  1. Ngobaran Beach and its adorable temple

Ngobaran Beach has a wonderful temple on the top of its hill. There are white God statues on the temple that add beauty to the beach. When the low tide, you’ll see beautiful brown and green seaweed calling you to come. Don’t miss native people’s activities when they’re hunting fishes and hedgehogs.

  1. A perfect combination of waterfall and beach at Banyu Tibo Beach

Banyu Tibo means waterfall in English, so this beach is not just a beach it has a waterfall! There’s a cliff at the beach where the water falls down from. Soothing water will then falls to the sand and go to the sea. Capture the turquoise water from the top of the cliff down to the sea in your camera.

  1. Paragliding from Parangtritis Beach’s Hills

Near Parangtritis Beach there’s Parangndog Hill and Paralayang Hill that gives you the best spot for sunset. Those hills are also used as paraglide training ground. Interested to join them?

So, which one do you want to try? Exploring the city or figuring our wonderful beaches in East Yogyakarta? At least you have some inspirations about what to do in Yogyakarta for your next trip.

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